Task 4 – How has my practice developed with this module?

My technique has definitely improved. Previously I had no experience working in the studio, I just had a black sheet hung up in my living room with a canon ex flashgun and 2 continuous lighting soft boxes; a set up that got me an A* in my a-level, but now seemingly worthless. The workshops expressed the need for creativity with what you’ve got, which I’d previously excelled at, but these workshops brought new items to my attention (reflector boards, modifiers) that would create professional results. I’m genuinely pleased that I now have these skills of using new equipment to give more desired light to my images, because even though we had little time to experiment in the workshops, I developed my skills with out-of-hours studio slots to make sure the information was useful.

I was pleased to learn about what specific light and processes meant in photography, chronologically and aesthetically so I could come up with ideas that had a more concise meaning; that showed different ways of representing people or objects. Therefore giving me the option to equip alternative processes to my pieces; pin-hole photography and photograms especially aided my study. I did however feel that even though salt-prints and cyanotypes were interesting to experiment with, the module made it groundlessly difficult to be creative with these processes. These traditional techniques created hues that weren’t beneficial to creating a piece on human presence. The tones were distracting to the message of the photography. But they did teach ways about making an image look older to give more context to the viewer.

Overall, my practice has developed a lot. Its difficult to be critical about the studio work because all of it helped me create images in the studio that made me want to go back and take more.


Old Photos –

IMG_7615 copy Suicide

New Photos –

harrison3 jonny3 me1 Untitled cyanotype


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