Task 4 – How has my understanding of light changed?

Before studying 152MC I did have good understanding of light from teaching myself online. But the module gave me specific information about the cause and effect that light had in photography. After doing workshops in the studio I understood more about what happens when you move lights around and add modifiers to diffuse or give focus to the light.

This consequently aided my study and gave my easter task more direction to talk about the lighting used in certain photography. I revel in improving or acting on my knowledge, and critiquing uses of light to give my learning an active quality, that made me more equipped for the assignment tasks. My overall writing developed more critically as each task continued, making my blog posts more accurate and interesting; allowing me to explain why I used lighting and what effect it gave. This also made me consider more themes and techniques when I was capturing an image in both task 2 and 3; creating more interesting artefacts.

Furthermore, visiting the Deutsche Borse Prize gave me some examples of innovative uses of light that aided my study for task 3; this also helped my criticism of photography, actively deconstructing what light is used and why. All helped me gather knowledge to lead me to final pieces on each task; which made me happy that I’d developed a significant insight for my ideas which then developed outcomes that both aesthetically and contextually displayed what my idea was saying.

Light seems a lot more pivotal now after learning about it. It can make the audience understand the context or connotations of the image easier by using hard (harsh tones, directional) light or soft (flattering, wide) light to communicate what you as the photographer wants. My own practice seems a lot more developed after this module.

tumblr_mbdgj1nX301r7k0eco1_1280 61wuRkCXoML IMG_7515 final object 2 stephen


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