Task 1 – Instruction Manual

Instruction Manuals have to develop to the times. They used to be loose sheets of paper in the box of the main component, something that was covered in text that was so unappealing to read. Apple have produced some nice little manuals that make learning how to use their devices a lot more interesting. Furthermore, Ikea have developed their name in their home and decorations world through offering flat-pack products with easy-to-read manuals that don’t seem daunting to the stressed, argumentative family.

I want my instruction manual to be digital so that its accessible to those who search for it. A product that people want to read, rather than something thats loose and second best to another product. This manual will be visual and professional, something that is straight to the point so it helps people who don’t want to read paragraphs upon paragraphs to get to the information that they want. In the brief for task 1 it said to produce something that at the start of the module, if you had the manual then you’d be able to teach yourself everything that you’ve learnt in the workshops. My manual would therefore be equipped to help my level of thinking. I’d like to say that I had a firm understanding of the studio and some of the processes, so the manual would be tailored to intermediate photographers who already knew their way through some studio photography and darkroom processes. Even though this might be the case, I still want it to be accessible for beginners. So therefore, it will be short and concise but yet it will still over enough information to get great results.

IMG_7625 IMG_7634 IMG_7665 IMG_7706


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