Site Specific Task

Our task is to pick a specific site in Coventry and create a lens based project, subject to one specific site. The task is broad for a particular reason, to ensure that we tailor it with our interests while staying in the confounds of a particular space. It would be easy to lose sight of the locations because of the wide brief. From researching our group tasks I found my particular interest in scholarly establishments. Unbeknown to me before, but clearly I have a particular interest in education. Quite subconsciously I’ve adopted this interest from my dad being a teacher and mum a librarian, both academic and both speak the voice of the public sector. So it makes sense why I found my group task so interesting. Furthermore I’ve always been conscious of my studying. I’ve always considered how my actions in education would influence my job prospects. So really, even though I’m not directly interested in education, apparently I am.


I want Coventry University to be my location. It’s such a great place and an ideal site for my project about scholarly establishments; because it is one. In fact, being the Modern University of the Year two years in a row, it is the ideal scholarly establishment for my task. Considering that one of my ‘interests’ was about why I study, and the effects that will have on my future career, I think Coventry accommodates that interest perfectly. Coventry is the best university in the country for students finding work placements for education purposes and it is also the one of the best (it is the best in photography) for student satisfaction. These are not bias claims, they are official achievements that the university has earned for facilitating the needs for students in our modern society. But, regardless of all these awards and achievements, there will always be the doubt of ‘what will I do after university’ and it will not guarantee you success because your university is good. Obviously that is natural, its the fear of uncertainty and its self motivation and discipline which need to shine through.

We all aspire to be practitioners in the subject that we are studying, unless we are just interested in it, and see it as another step to another job. But if we are, we respect those in the jobs, we respect their talent. Those people used to be us at some point, they most likely had the same aspirations we have right now. They worked hard and they profited. In essence, they are the beacons of our education, they give us hope that we could get somewhere. Those people are right in front of us, they are our lecturers. We know them in the context of our course, but they were in the same position as us and they know how to succeed in the course. We just don’t know these stories.

I want to create a community of lecturers and photograph them individually once I know their stories. Once they feel comfortable I will be able to photograph them in their working environment and introduce my audience to them. I want to present the images with either text or audio recording with their quote saying something about their aspirations when they were a student. I also want them to list objects that they would suggest students to use to help them do well and get a job. Ideally I’d want to create a sculpture, but I could also try photographing the one object individually to give it more power on its own.

It might be a limitation that I’ve come up with an idea so soon that I am confident with, but I do feel confident and I’m excited to really kick start this project. If the shoots don’t go to plan then I will consider an alternative, but at this stage I think its important to test it out and see where I can go with it.


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