What do I want my photographs to look like? – Pre-shoot planning

Acting on my previous artist research, I want to look at some photographers that would aesthetically inspire me.

Jonathan Worth

The first photographer is Coventry University lecturer Jonathan Worth. His commercial portraits offer a relaxing portrait of celebrities or interesting professionals. He differentiates from digital to film but the lighting is what interests me, and the way that works with the location. Worth uses a combination of both window light and artificial light to create a dynamic portrait without seeming artificially altered. A key to the natural, relaxed feel to the images is the use of soft lighting. It brings out the figure and softly brings out their features. This softness is made by sometimes intelligently replicating ambient lighting with studio lights; this way Worth can give the desired aesthetic to each of his images. But the play between both window light and artificial light evidently creates his images, which is the desired aesthetic for my project.

Furthermore, the natural posing of the subject reveals an earthly quality to them. This resonates their comfortability and their general personality (particularly in the Stephen Merchant image). I like the idea of taking this and applying it into my project with my own creative style. I feel that this will narrate to the audience that even though they are in academic jobs that might seem robotic in their workload and authoritarian (playing on traditional stereotypes of teachers), they are human beings who echo your interests and they once had your ambition. I hope that the relaxed nature of the portraits would have a positive effect on the students and act as a punctum that would motivate them and help them remember the project.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 18.56.37 Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 18.57.42Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 18.56.18

Jane Hilton

Photographer Jane Hilton is a contrast from Jonathan Worth because she only uses ambient window light with her medium format camera. The project that is of particular interest to me is ‘Dead Eagle Trail’. A project where Hilton photographs cowboys to give a glimpse into their lives and show the influence of the outside world on them. The bright alluring window light conveys this influence of the outside looking in. The lighting provides for an interesting message, but also a nice, well lit image.

Depending on the location that I shoot at would influence where I’ll need studio lighting or ambient window light, but I’ll come prepared for both. These aesthetics have influenced me in my desired outcome.

image_9 image_10image_4

Photograph Specification

Portrait – Photograph a Lecturer at Coventry University in the setting of an empty lecture hall or office. Make it relaxed as possible and empower them as a subject

Still Life (Object) – Photograph objects that they think would help a student get their job. Photograph them with nice lighting to make them dynamic and depending on what the object is, present them as an artistic scultpure


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