In Conversation With Angela Armstrong, Fashion Lecturer (the full interview is linked here)

I spoke to Fashion lecturer Angela Armstrong about what her job entails, her previous experiences and student mentalities. Even though I had previously arranged to meet one of her colleagues, she was able to meet with me after they went home ill.

She talked about the anxiety of the art student, how the pressure of getting experience is incredibly difficult, but once they do the experience, they benefit from it greatly.

‘You learn best from doing… you have to develop a tough skin and develop that tenacity’

The fashion department have a conference every year where the third years share their experiences of placements with first years to inspire then and give them more belief about their potential. It is important to learn from others in everything, and they have placed it firmly within their course that students learn from other students or professionals to give them more motivation.

This talk made me realise the impact of sharing success stories with others, it expressed the true inspiration that people can get. She said that students are absolutely petrified to go on placement but because others have done it and others plan to do it, it makes them realise the importance of gaining experience. Visual learning was said to be incredibly important, especially with art students because you learn best from ‘trying and failing’ and seeing the effect that it has on others.

Therefore, this talk highlighted the importance of sharing success stories, and it gave me an interesting example of learning from others experiences.


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