What do students think?

alan + objects

Alan East, Law:

‘You can’t get a First just by being clever’.

I showed some random students this diptych photograph along with this text and asked what they felt about it…

‘I think it means research is important.’

‘He looks important.’

‘Does he own those things?’

‘I don’t read enough.’

When I talked about the context of the project briefly they reacted…

‘If I saw it when I was in college, I would have wanted to go on his course.’

‘It makes sense of a lot of information.’

‘That’s cool, you should do one for my course.’

‘So I do need to read more.’

It was interesting to see how they engaged with the photos and understood it. Without them knowing he was a Law lecturer I don’t think they would have understood, so text is definitely vital. Once I’ve finished the project it will be interesting to hear what other students think and whether it will be more obvious and whether they will be motivated by it.


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