After researching more about presentation, I decided to present my images with text and audio. The portraits are presented on the left and the objects on the right. I think the formulaic presentation of left to right in my series refers to education, that there is a linear narrative for learning. I like having the portrait and the text on the right, because it provides the context for the object images on the right.

alan finished

aysar finished

francis finished

jonathan FIN

This image is different. Because the object (the adjective) described by Jonathan was a lot broader than the others. Photographing space has to make the viewer appreciate it and value it. I thought photographing the sky gives people the time to look at the sky and consider it as an open space. By photographing it and framing it similarly as the other objects, it places it in that category. But it is more metaphoric, and possibly more powerful.

lesley finished

martin FIN

Martin’s object is also different. In Nursing the importance for the students is to develop confidence and people skills as well as knowledge. The people skills make the patient feel better and it is valued in the profession. I wanted to photograph communication, but after taking a couple photos of people mouths while speaking, the images weren’t powerful enough.

I took inspiration from Stephen Ma’s project about senses where he created a sound wave using photoshop with the wind filter tool.


I researched more into the use of the visual sound wave and came across Saiana Bugio’s ‘Sound Portraits’. He project was around peoples relationship with digital devices, so she created a photographic portrait accompanied by a soundscape. She transformed the data of the jpeg image into an mp3 file and presented them together. You see the visual of the wave.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.20.31

I spoke the word ‘communication’ into a H1 audio recorder. I took the audio into adobe audition and screenshot the audio wave.

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 19.58.13

I took the screenshot into photoshop and drew the lines with the paint brush tool and selected the drawing lines.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.27.59

I then pasted the lines onto a canvas with a photograph of the space I photographed the other still life’s on. Then I put it next to the photograph of Martin to make it the final image.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.28.14

Holly FIN

I’m really please with my images. Individually the portraits might seem commercial, the still life’s seem simplistic. But all the photographs presented in the same frame with informative context, it becomes an image that equips presentation devices to provide a teaching device different to others.

I experimented with adding sound. I got students from other courses to take the audio recorder into their lectures and record their lecturers. I edited the audio so that is difficult to hear what they are saying, you just get a feel for the classroom instead. However, I think the lecturer talking becomes distracting. When looking at the images with the audio, the audio distracts me too much. I will experiment with recording without voices so its less distracting.

There are also issues with the students not asking for permission, so I think the best idea is to record in an empty classroom and stage the noises.


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