Images in Frames

I want to exhibit my work in an exhibition space. The images work as a body of work that provides individual narratives in each image. There isn’t a narrative development so there is no real reason to present them in a book, instead they should be appreciated individually in an exhibition space.

I used the image of Francis to demonstrate what the prints would look like in an exhibition space. I originally asked to see whether the prints could be displayed in each university building, so they could be in the same building that the lecturer was in, but there was little development. If I had more time I’d follow up on it and try and make it happen, because having the prints in the lecturers building will make the presentation site specific.

Instead I framed the print of Francis in a wooden frame, 70x50cm. The print itself was matte; the matte print give it the text of a book, which made it more relevant considering the work is about education. The wooden frame added to the traditional feel of a classroom.

If given time it would be great to organise an exhibition for the whole body of work in an actual classroom, in a school or a library. It would be great to give the prints even more context. Instead we are presenting our work in Fargo but as the whole class, so the print will just be shown in the wooden frame. But the sheer size of it shows the detail and quality of the print, and provides enough context.



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