Identity Constructed and Complex: MECHANICAL MONTAGE: Images

It is based around the idea that identity is constructed from the information we consume. Be it the people we surround ourselves with, or the object we use, the books we read and the films we watch. Which is communicated well by Stuart Hall.

I collaborated with my girlfriend Sam to find archival information of both me and her; and present it inside a passport. I scanned in the pages of my passport and stuck the images on with glue. I also got rid of both me and Sam from all of the images by removing them on photoshop, Here are the images…


Sam Jonny Scan 47 Scan 49 Scan 50 Scan 51 Scan 52 Scan 53 Scan 54 Scan 56


Scan 57 Scan 58 Scan 59 Scan 60 Scan 61 Scan 62 Scan 63 Scan 64 Scan 65 Scan 66 Scan 68

This work communicates that it is about identity because of its presentation in a passport. By cutting out the individual it shows the information that has helped share our identity.


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