Relationships: Fixed and Fluid

‘In this workshop task you are asked to represent a relationship through any appropriate visual or written medium. Focus not on the participants in the relationship but the space in-between which makes up the relationship – this may be a physical environment, it may be an emotional space or it may even be mediated through objects.’

Elinor Carucci

When considering relationships in photography, I consider the photography as Elinor Carucci to be important. Her work is controversial, not only because of the stark intimacy, but also its construction. Are the moments constructed by true emotions or by the camera. Regardless of the critics, they display a brave insight into the spaces of her relationships. She represents her relationships without boundaries. Some images are perhaps relatable, and their striking nature allows to consider parts of our relationships that very few reflect on.


Sian Davey

Davey’s personal series ‘Looking For Alice’ questions human values and inclusion. Her daughter Alice, on has Downs Syndrome. She was born into a world where ‘ninety two percent of Downs Syndrome babies are terminated at the pre-natal screening stage’ ( The project takes the viewpoint of an observer looking into Alice’s life. She is photographed into different scenarios, which even in family spaces take a step back and document her inclusion and the issues that she faces compared to the other in the images. Its a really interesting project that makes us question the way society works, especially considering our relationships with others.

Sian_Davey_Finding_Alice_02 sian-davey08

Viktoria Sorochinski

Her project ‘Anna & Eve’ shows the relationship between a 23 year old mother and her 3 year old daughter. In the photographs it explores how young mothers have childlike tendencies. Even though staged, the image resemble a real relationship where a child becomes more mature than her mother. Its like she’s aware of whats happening in the images and wishes to rise above it.

Viktoria-Sorochinski1 sorochinski-01

Carrie Levy

In her project 51 months, she explores the time that passes while her father is in jail. It shows the effect her father leaving had on the family and examines the spaces that he has left. It almost like he is there in the images because of the rift that he left. Even though her mother was able to work 3 jobs while being a good parent, the loss of her dad is evident. But instead of missing him, it reflects the space more in anger than love.

76.story_x_large 80.story_x_large

With photography about relationships it is important for the camera to show what others can’t see. It is important to photograph the emotions that we feel and not that we want to feel. To allow the space that we live in to link with the relationships and to construct an overall feeling of what we believe to be true


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