Relationships, Fixed and Fluid: Images

From my research I gathered that it was important for the space to dictate image, and for the emotions captured to be true and personal.

My concept was about photographing the space in between the relationship with me and my girlfriend Sam. Because we are apart for more time than each of us would like, the time apart is something we both react to.

When photographing, I framed the shot and said I put the self-timer on. Sam was aware of the camera and reacted to its presence in her pose, but her facial expression stayed natural and true. When releasing the shutter, unbeknown to Sam, it captured the image, but I still simulated the scenario, sat on the bed next to her, as if I was to be captured also.

I captured a moment of meditation, a moment of concentration and thought. She was thinking about how she would react to me being in the photograph. It was a moment in between our relationship, a moment simulated to seem as if it emulated our time apart.

sam3.2 copy

The story behind the photograph might not be evident within its edges. But with her situated to the right leaving space, it gives you a sense that someone else should be there. The creases on the bed covers also suggest that someone else should be there. The expression on her face suggests, hopefully in light of what I just mentioned, that she is then thinking of that someone else. (This was the thought process of mine to imply the meaning)

So the story is not evident, but the space in between our relationship is implied.

I shot the original shoot on colour film and it didn’t get processed in time for the weekly task, so I reshot in digital. I prefer the look of film because of its dynamic range and overall detail, and the film image was the original process; which is important to maintain.


A couple other shots were taken on black and white 35mm, but the 50mm focal length limited the framing, so the colour film was definitely the preferred result.


Sam1 sam4 2

(other colour film shots not selected)


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