Picbod Vlog: Jonny’N’Stephen

Myself and Stephen Ma, fellow photography student started a vlog to respond to lecture material. Last year Thom and Matt had a vlog doing the same, and we wanted to carry on the tradition they started. After each week we posted a summary of the lecture, shared our pic of the week and presented next weeks task.

The content of each episode wasn’t entirely academic, in fact it was intended to compress lecture material in a fun and entertaining way. In hindsight some of the jokes detracted from the art; but it wasn’t our true opinions, it was an exaggerated argument. Our classmates did find it funny, but in some cases it was disrespectful to artists. Regardless of this, the material did summarise the arguments we had in class and was a therapeutic learning process that made us remember all of the artists and debates mentioned in class.

It was a massive commitment to edit and make the videos every Thursday night, but the research we put into it and the amount we learnt made it worth it.

Here are the videos…



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