Figure and Functions: Images and Intentions

From my research and the lecturers, I became interested in the debate about the nude. I decided to add to the few male nude portraits out there because, as Pannack expressed, it brought out a freedom and an equality that clothes don’t express as well. Not saying thats the ideal for humanity, but it is an interesting conversation to have through photography. I found an article based on a feminist website which talks about that freedom (, but its something that we shy away from. However, that is not the topic of this weeks task, it is just a device that I’ve used in my series.

Kevin Miyazaki’s ‘Camp Home’ inspired me to focus into aspects of my home in Coventry and draw attention to them. My particular experience with accommodation this year has been a lot worse than last year. Last year my flat was warm and clean, there were lots of new people to meet and I was in close proximity to my friends. This year all of that is the opposite. It makes the things that I did last year a lot harder.

Kevin-Miyazaki5 camp6

I therefore wanted to document the anxieties of living in my student house. It not particularly an extremely bad situation, it’s just an inconvenience. Influenced by the anxious feel of Spencer Murphy’s project ‘The abyss gazes into you’, the portrait style from Laura Pannack and the still life shots by Kevin Miyazaki and Tina Hillier.

3V5A8816 <resized3V5A8859 copy

3V5A8921 3V5A8887 3V5A8895

I’d like to see these images in a book, I think the sequencing would work well. From the feedback in the class, people liked the idea and most of the images. I was told to be aware of the warm and cold tones. I wanted to show the house was cold, so some of the warm colours are misleading. I was however aware of this with some of the images, and tweaked them accordingly.

The nude portrait was said to be misleading to the idea of the house being cold. I mentioned that it was a simulation to embrace the cold and get a true reaction to the environment, and the mug was symbolic for me to warm myself up. I think it is fitting, but it could have been done better.

I think that this body of work is something I could progress with, both this and my conversations task are the two that I want to follow up on and research more into.


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