Digital Media: Work: Process

Social Media – Chronological Story of our Life – Our Life’s Work – A function Involving Mental Effort – Work

Inspired by Max Schrems, Kenneth Goldsmith, David Rule and Eric Kessels. I created a set of images based around the inversion of Facebook. Facebook is an online website that networks people worldwide, and has become the main platform for sharing personal data, it acts as a place to showcase your life’s work, representing years of participation and updates involving mental effort and creating judgements.

I highlighted the whole of my facebook page from top to bottom (took about 15minutes of scrolling) and pasted it onto a word document, then printed out. The document contained over 400pages of personal information.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 13.10.47

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 13.14.36


Once printed, I then saved all my profile pictures and then printed those out.

I was left with a large stack of paper and a selection of personal photographs curated by my time on Facebook. It was a strange inversion seeing my presence online being converted into a tangible object.

I created an exhibition poster in readiness to host real life version of Facebook, it was to be hosted in the photo studio because of convenience and because of its footfall.

Facebook poster

When setting up, I laid out vertical standing foam boards in a line of four and a plinth in front. I placed the stack of paper on the plinth and positioned the profile pictures along the foam boards.

To see people look at my facebook page in an exhibition space with me present was a strange experience. The people who saw the exhibition found it interesting and they were engaged. But for me seeing them look at the photos and the posts, it made me a lot more conscious about the content than I am when its just online for people to see, it was certainly a strange feeling.


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