Hear Comes Everybody – Critical Analysis


This lecture talked about the participatory culture on the internet. Social Media allows for easy, convenient conversation. It can give people more of a voice than offline. Ideas can be shared, and feedback can be supplied.

Youtube is a platform that allows participation with comments, sharing, liking, subscribing and replies with videos. Old Spice got so much exposure on the internet from people sharing and even making their own responses to their funny adverts. The company don’t pay as much on advertising because youtube gives them enough exposure.

The film ‘Life In A Day’ takes the footage of people around the world from one day, the producers and director don’t record, the people do. They edit it together and make sense of it. I think giving people the platform and sharing their content comments on the accessibility of content on the internet. There is so much content and we can’t watch all of it, this editorial film and people who share videos and make their own interpretations of videos are positive additions to the digital world. We are all publishers and we all contribute to ideas on the internet. Participatory culture creates communities, and gives certain content more credence in the media.


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