Editing Process

I completed 3 different shoots with 23/25 conversations. Once that was over I began to piece together the final artefact. I worked on photoshop, loading the images from each conversation and copying them onto a larger document.

For the first edit I had a set measurement for the document, meaning that I added images from different conversations in the same row, while some conversations extended into a different row. As mentioned in the presentation post, this didn’t communicate the duration effectively.

I then started again, because the composition was resized as all the images made such a big file that loaded incredibly slow. Each image was added to each conversation and saved individually with the same distance apart. I created a rectangle with a set distance to make sure the distant was exactly the same. Once each conversation was complete, I resized the image to 4inches in height and because the proportions were contained, it edited the width accordingly. Each conversation was added to another photoshop composition in order to see what it looked like together. But as I mentioned, the negative white space was too distracting. Instead I got each conversation printed individually to get rid of this space.

Jonny_001 copy Jonny_002 copy Jonny_003 copy Jonny_004 copy Jonny_006 copy Jonny_007 copy Jonny_008 copy Jonny_009 copy Jonny_010 copy Jonny_011 copy Jonny_012 copy Jonny_013 copy Jonny_014 copy Jonny_015 copy Jonny_016 copy Jonny_017 copy Jonny_018 copy Jonny_019 copy Jonny_020 copy Jonny_021 copy Jonny_022 copy Jonny_023 copy Jonny_024 copy Jonny_025 copy

The photographs were printed on standard Matt paper to their precise size. After this I measured the conversations individually against mount board and cut out the dimensions so that the image could be mounted. I did this on a large cutting tool in the print bureaux with the conversations.

Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3

Once this was finished they were spray mounted onto the mount board and then arranged on the wall as they would be presented in the exhibition. As mentioned, this will separate them from the surface of the wall.

20150304_0521 20150304_0512 20150304_0504 20150304_0516

The editing process as a whole was extremely long because the mass of imagery I was dealing with. Photoshop, printing and mounting were arduous, but rewarding once I could see the final piece. Once it was complete, the prints combined to create a piece that communicated effectively and created a talking point for those who saw it.

Taking a step back from the work, its structure emulates sound-waves. Not an intentional visual when setting out with the project, but it is now a tool that will help me as the artist fuse the horizons with the viewer. Its not a visual that particularly takes away from the work, instead people who have seen it have liked the resemblance and said it relates to conversations well. Of which I agree.


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